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Best Wedding Venues In Delhi

Why is Delhi famous for destination weddings?

The capital city of India is a massive Metropolitan area in the north. It is very famous for destination weddings and why not? It is the perfect place. Delhi is swarmed with wedding planners and venues and has everything one is looking for. If planning for an urban setting, Delhi is the place for you. 


You will find the best wedding venues in Delhi for couples who want an intimate ceremony or those who prefer lavish weddings alike. It is one of the most developed cities in the country so availing locations and facilities as per preferences is not a challenge. 


Planning a wedding, either for yourself or someone else, is not an easy task and if all facilities are not available nearby, it becomes even more challenging. But Delhi is the perfect wedding package, a wedding hub with all possible requirements spread all across the city and easily accessible.

But why are destination weddings the trend these days?

People choose to have a more memorable and fun celebration with family and friends instead of old, formal weddings. Another big reason is feeling free from all the hassle of wedding planning, but in order to trust someone with such a significant occasion is a big decision.


Wednue is a full-service wedding venue booking online company and has been working in the field for years now. We have been trusted by many couples to plan for their perfect day. The venue of the wedding is the initial and most important decision to be taken when planning one.  We assist you in finding the perfect location that suits your tastes.


The work during a wedding is endless and doesn't stop till the last day,  but we at Wednue are your one-stop for all arrangements from beginning to end.


  • Stay arrangements

Weddings can be expensive and venues take up most of the budget. Choosing a wedding venue in India that suits your preferences and are under budget is an important choice to be made. This is one of the major services provided by us, so we have very good price deals with all well-known resorts and hotels. We will ensure that you find just the place. Some famous ones that we have tie-ups with are Park Plaza and DoubleTree by Hilton.


  • Recreation

The main purpose of a wedding is to create memories and have fun with family and friends, and we at Wednue plan just for that. Weddings are a time for families to come together to the sound of music and beats. Be it DJ, bands, dancers, entertainers, dhol or stars, you can trust us with it all. In order to provide our clients with nothing less than the best, all facilities have been tried and tested and only then confirmed for hiring.


  • Food arrangements

Food arrangements are an important aspect from the perspective of the guests present. A perfect celebration calls for good music, decoration, and food. No event is complete without food.  We have experience in catering for weddings and help our clients to make adequate decisions regarding the same.


Even though we take the responsibility of arranging everything, the personal touch to every choice is what makes it your own. We try to inculcate your choices along with our expertise and knowledge in order to create the perfect menu for your special day.


  • Photography

Creating and storing memories is an important part of any wedding,  and we help you to do so with the help of our best photographers. Each moment should be picture-perfect.  Our photographers are highly experienced in this area and cover all photos from the pre-shoots to the honeymoon shoot. Drone coverage, video editing, and photo albums are all available in our wedding packages.


  • Decor

Decorations are important as they create the environment for the perfect photographs and give glamour to the wedding. Every decision from flowers,  lights, sound system, chairs, stage, dinner table arrangements, and plating sets, are looked into with detail to suit your choices. We inculcate your preferences and help you to make a firm decision through our suggestions and lookbooks. We ask you for your favorites in colors, themes, and flowers, and try to bring your imagination to life.


  • Travel arrangements

Most wedding planners stop working on the decor and food, but we do not stop till the end of the wedding. Travel arrangements are the most hectic and nightmare-causing part of the wedding. The trouble of transportation from the airports to the place of accommodation, a huge crowd of people stuck at the airport waiting to be picked up. We have got your back for this one too. We make all arrangements regarding pick-ups and take care of booking cars for transportation as per your choice.

These services make us the best wedding planners in Delhi. Get in touch with our professional team today to avail more information about the services we offer.

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