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The vibrant city is a cosmopolitan hub that attracts about 16 million international visitors each year. Nestled in that liminal space between contemporary and traditional, it homes the largest shopping malls, tallest skyscrapers, as well as the golden brown of beach and desert sand. But why does this make it the perfect destination wedding spot?

With over 3 million Indian expats, Dubai is considered to be quite similar to India in terms of culture and community. This means that it has lots of experience hosting Indian celebrations and remains largely popular for weddings, being a beautiful foreign locale that doesn’t feel too far from home. Depending on your personal tastes, there are many places in Dubai where you can get married.

For example, if you wish for a bohemian beachside wedding, then Atlantis: The Palm is a perfectly idyllic resort, full with a private beach and an expert culinary team. You can move around and host specific events at the Jumeriah Beach seaside garden, having access to easy transit due to Dubai’s public transport system and the open roads. On the other hand, if you prefer a venue that is more traditional and affordable, the Ritz-Carlton would make an elegant escape. All the ceremonies, like mehandi, pheras and sangeet, can be arranged without difficulty since most venues have a good understanding of Indian weddings and events. Additionally, many of the chefs working at these resorts are from India and offer many different cuisines, as well as things like street food and so on.

Other reasons to host your wedding in Dubai include:

  • The locale - The sandy beaches and gardens can be beautiful backdrops to your pre-wedding shoot.

  • Inclusion of Indian culture - There are many Hindu temples and Gurudwaras in Dubai, so worship is not an issue.

  • Also, there are many pandits residing in Dubai already, so having to fly out your own pandit will not be necessary.

  • Various activities - Camping, shopping and visiting the tourist attractions can easily slot in between wedding events, keeping your guests entertained.

  • Due to the strict laws, Dubai is among the safest countries in the world. Additionally, the environment is clean and well kept.

  • Dubai is notoriously hot in the summer but the winter months lend a cool breeze (October and November being the best months for travel).

Despite this, some couples opt for a more standard wedding due to common reservations about destination weddings, which are sometimes portrayed as extravagant and exhausting. There are a multitude of reasons why Dubai does not subscribe to these ideas and makes the perfect spot for an Indian wedding.

1. Firstly, its proximity to India means that travel is usually as short and painless a procedure as obtaining a visa (which can be done within just a few days).

2. Getting guests flown out of the country can be expensive, a reason why destination weddings tend to be popular among couples that have shorter guest lists, but there are ways to cross that financial hurdle by meshing the wedding and honeymoon into one or cutting down on decor (the location would require no embellishment anyways).

3. Finding wedding planners in foreign countries can be a headache, but through Wednue, your experience will seamless as possible.

Overall, Dubai is wonderful destination that continues to be successful in hosting Indian celebrations and events. Check for more information. If a destination wedding is in your cards, look no further than Dubai.


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