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Updated: Oct 8, 2021

The time we are living today is like never before. The fear, the anxiety, the dilemma and the need to move on has made the decision making so complex.

You have waited since January 2020 for the air to clear off and postponed the wedding plans again and again. With the normalcy still far away, we have to adapt to this New Normal and make our choices.

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But the choice to finally wed is the easier one to take in today's time.

Next, comes the long list of questions, you need to address

  • Will the guests risk exposure and come to attend your function ?

  • How big should your event be ?

  • Which location and venue would be best suited?

  • How to make your wedding safe?

  • What would be the impact on your budget?

  • How to make your wedding stand out and be memorable with all these constraints.

Small Destination Weddings address most of these problems in the best possible way.

  1. Small weddings assure your guests of safety and addresses their fear of unknown.

  2. A destination wedding - in city or in a small quaint location away from city, reduces interaction with strangers and is a safer choice.

  3. Private small venues booked as buy-outs only for you, ensures no walk-in crowd.

  4. With restrictions on the number of guests, an intimate small destination wedding makes common sense without too many compromises.

  5. Being a captive audience, destination wedding creates a safe bubble.

  6. With work from home and video meetings and classes, guests are happy to take a break and enjoy the functions with safe set of people.

  7. Destination weddings avoids daily drives to functions and provides quality time spent with friends and family after months of captivity in homes.

  8. Destination wedding is suited for smaller guest list and is a good workaround to make your wedding memorable without the grandeur of large gathering.

  9. Small destination venues are cheaper and better than the regular city venues.

  10. Open resort like ambience in nice locale provide good backdrop for the Pre-post wedding shoots.

Some of the locations which are trending and are good choices for your small destination wedding are :

  • Outskirts of Jaipur

  • Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary

  • Pushkar

  • Mussoorie

  • Corbett National Park

  • Resorts around Delhi NCR

  • Goa Resorts

  • Outskirts of Pune

  • Alibaug

  • And many more hidden gems around large cities.

The list can go on and on, as India is a host to so many beautiful undiscovered gem of the locations. So, if you have small destination wedding in mind, and you are looking for some more off-the-grid locations to make your wedding stand apart, please visit Wednue and explore the many venue options it offers or if your the kind who likes to discuss, please reach out me on my email or call me on 9811113517



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