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Tick All The Boxes In Your Wedding Planning Check List

Planning a wedding is an exhaustive work and requires coordination with many vendors.

We can make your work easier by bringing in top quality service providers to bring your ideas to life.

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Stay Arrangements

Best Guest Rooms In Or Around Your Venue


Hotels being our major service provider, we have very good deals an with all major hotel chains and resorts.

Even if your wedding venue is not in the hotel, we can get you only rooms or hospitality package for your guests.

Our value-adds while booking is an added sweetener !


Making Your Dream Come True


Wedding Decoration has to be ageless, to ensure that your wedding pictures remain evergreen.

Floral to Origami decor or light to stage designs, our decor designers work with you to bring your dream to life. 



Preserving Memories For Lifetime


In the age of Insta and live video sharing, each frame should be picture perfect.

Our photographers cover the entire wedding from pre-wedding shoot to the honeymoon.

Still, Video, Candid or Drone Coverages make your wedding come alive every time you revisit them.

Making your Wedding Timeless !

Food Arrangements

Professional Advice On Catering And Menu Planning


Food is the most important thing in the entire hospitality, as it is the most talked after by the guests.

Our profession F&B knowledge and hands-on experience comes in handy while choosing the caterers or planning menu with the hotels.

We ensure that the menu matrix are locked in before we sign contracts with the venue or caterer.



Life Of The Party, Perfectly Planned


Weddings are a stage to bring the friends & families together to the sound of music.

Be it the dhol beats, shaadi band, shehnai, DJ or the bollywood stars, we can do it all.

To make sure that you have good time, all are entertainers are chosen from the tried and tested list.

Trust us to make you dance on the beats !

Travel Arrangements

Taking Care Of The Last Mile 


Travel arrangements are the biggest nightmare of the wedding planning. ​

Who would like to have the guests stranded at the airport and waste your precious moments coordinating the pickups.

Luxury cars, chartered flights, Volvo coaches to the railway bookings, we can bring back the joy to your event by taking care of the hassle of logistics.

Home to Home Travel Arranged !

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