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7 WAYS TO REDUCE YOUR WEDDING SPEND - without compromising on your plans.

Updated: Oct 8, 2021

destination wedding in india

As they say, Indian's never compromise while building a house or arranging a wedding. The expected budget always exceeds your expectation and sometimes even double up, when you account for it after the event.

So, here's the list of some tips and tricks to stay within your budget without compromising on your event quality.

1. Fix wedding dates which are open and not in high demand.

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There are only few wedding dates or Saya dates, and these dates are always blocked by venues much before the demand comes in. As there's more demand than the supply, the venues charge a premium on these dates.

Wedding planners have started a campaign Har Din Shubh Hai to counter this and educate the people to look for dates beyond the short list. The hotels tend to offer you better rates if you plan to book on these non-saya dates.

Research and sit with your Panditji to fix a date which is not highest in demand. If your date is very close, you have all the more reason to think contrarian as you may not get any good venue available.

2. Book your venue as early as possible.

budget wedding venues in delhi

As per the stats most Indians book their venues very close to the wedding, sometimes less than 45 days to the wedding date.

The suggested period is 6-9 months.

If your plan well ahead and start your search 6 month's before, you would have more choices and a better negotiation power to book your venue at a lower cost.

3. Look for not so popular venues.

wedding venues packages

Like any branded product, the main popular venues are approached by most prospective customers and tend to be expensive.

Look for venues which are good but a bit off-beat or are new in the market. They tend to offer better rates and facility and it's not just the name you pay for.

They are also different and exclusive making your wedding stand out of the crowd.

4. Go a bit away from the city

budget wedding venues in delhi

Destination weddings are in and we all want to do that.

As soon as you plan to go away from the city, the venue rentals drop and you get new and better choices.

Yes, it can be inconvenient for your residential guests but you if you plan well and book some rooms for them, you may end up with a destination wedding in a budget.

You may like to go through this list of off beat places for some ideas.

5. Plan and list your requirements with realistic budget and try and stick to it

best wedding planner in delhi

Any plan which is not documented, goes haywire. Research and allocate amount to each area of your wedding planning and stick to it.

It would save you time from looking for venues over and under your budget and help you find a better venue within it.

Also, you would not end up eating into budget of other services which look small but are important to make your event a success.

6. Look for offbeat places for your destination wedding

wedding planner in noida

Destination weddings are expensive as you have to book rooms and travel for all your guests apart from the functions as you would do in a in-city wedding.

Instead of rushing to Goa, Jaipur and Udaipur which are the most sought after destination wedding locations, look for places which are not so well known.

India is full of hidden places which can make your wedding unique and still be within your budget. Corbett, Jodhpur, Pushkar are some of the places which are not so expensive and yet offer good facilities for your wedding event.

Here's the list of off beat places for some ideas.

7. Take help of a wedding planner or professional venue bookers.

destination wedding in india

In the face of it, it may sound expensive to ask someone to help and book for you but as a whole, these professionals save you money.

The professional wedding planners and Venue Bookers like Wednue have excellent network and rapport to get you a better venue in same budgets. Also, their experience in booking these venues help in getting add on's while negotiating, saving some money.

The venue booking agreements are full of hidden terms and costs which spring up only later and leave you no option but to absorb the cost or compromise. Venue Bookers ensure that your unforeseen requirements are well accounted for and make a better water tight agreement with venues.

Most of them work on service fee model or commission model with venues and generally come to you for free, if you look at the savings they bring in or value they add.

These are only some tips to save you money and stay within your budget. There are many such areas which bloat your wedding budget. I would love to answer any other questions you have and need me to assist you.

Please visit and explore the many venue options it offers or if you are the kind who likes to discuss, please reach out me on my email or call me on 9811113517

Have a memorable wedding !



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