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Your Ultimate Honeymoon Guide – Perfect destination that suits you and your partner

Getting married embarks the start of a new phase in everyone’s life. It is the beginning of a new chapter, with your partner who will be standing beside you in each and every phase, in all your ups and downs of your life. Honeymoon is just the start of this chapter, this should be as beautiful as you want to life your rest of the life, with your partner hand in hand. Apart from this everyone wants to have a place for his/her spouse which is safe, private, beautiful and well connected. Here are some of the points which should be taken care of while planning your honeymoon for a perfect romantic start of your life.

Points to be taken care of while planning your honeymoon:

1. Connectivity :

You are very tired after your wedding rituals and now you want to spend some leisure time with your partner. You want that this trip should be the one of the best trips of your life. You also don’t want that your spouse face some sort of discomfort or any problem. So you want to plan your honeymoon at a place which is very well connected and could be easily accessible.

2. Romantic Location :

Honeymoon is a phase to kickstart your romance, to know each other more, to know more about your likes, dislikes and habits. For romance, a perfect romantic location is much like as a cherry on the cake. You want that your honeymoon place should be romantic to remove any kind of shyness between the two love birds.

3. Weather :

Weather do play an important role in your journey with your spouse. Your location must have a good weather condition so that you can enjoy your beautiful phase to the fullest. It should have a pleasant and calm weather.

4. Safety :

Safety of your spouse always tops the list whenever you go out. You always want to protect your partner from every problem. Honeymoon is assumed to be private and secure. You always want to look for a place that is safe and secure.

5. Food :

Food is among one of the three basic requirements of life. Everyone wants to have “ Maa ke hath ka khana “ in each and every corner they go. The place you chose for your honeymoon should also match with each other’s like and dislike of food and you should also try the special dish of that place together.

6. Budget :

According to me this is one of the most important point to be taken care of. You just got married, and just paid the bill. You should always have a definite amount of money for your honeymoon so that you can enjoy this time together without and financial issue. You can also shortlist the destination which you want to see together according to your budget.

Undoubtedly, destination play a crucial role in making your honeymoon more romantic and memorable. Here are some destinations which you can add to your list as they are a treat to watch with your partner. Read on as the best one is in the last.

Ooty, Tamil Nadu :

#10 in Best Honeymoon Destinations

A beautiful resort town located in Western Ghats, in Southern India’s state, Tamil Nadu, Ooty is famous for its tea plantation. It is often regarded as the “ Queen of the Hill Stations for having numerous hill stations. A perfect romantic location, cold weather, beautiful sceneries and mystic mountains. You can just simply have a romantic walk together around the meandering pathways, hand in hand and enjoy the natural beauty together.

Connectivity :

Not very well connected

Climate :

Cold and temperate climate

Best time to visit :

Between March and June

Pros :

  • Good road connectivity with all major cities and towns in South India

  • Public transport options easily available.

  • Many romantic places to visit like Lakes, Sunset views, Waterfall.

  • Enjoy adventure activities like Boat Rides,Horse Riding in Ooty.

Cons :

  • Less number of luxurious resorts

  • A over-crowded and too commercialized destination

  • Can be costly

  • Not Very well connected


#9 in Best Honeymoon Destinations

Darjeeling or the “Queen of the hills “ is a perfect combination of beautiful sceneries and marvelous greenery. A perfect place to visit together after your wedding. The calmness of this place will sooth you out and you both will get rid of your wedding fatigue. Here everything from the locals to the clouds kissed mountains everything is just pleasant. A beautiful start to your beautiful journey together.

Connectivity :

Well connected

Climate :

Temperate climate

Best time to visit :

April to June

Pros :

  • You can enjoy the undisturbed environment and natural beauty to make the moments last forever

  • Most beautiful hill station , worth visiting.

  • Has many attractions to visit together

Cons :

  • Poor connectivity via air

  • Can be overcrowded during the season

Manali :

#8 in Best Honeymoon Destinations

A high-altitude Himalayan resort town in India’s northern Himachal Pradesh state, Manali has a reputation of a backpacking center and a perfect honeymoon destination. It offers an amazing gateway for skiing in the Solang Valley and trekking in Parvati Valley. It's also a jumping-off point for paragliding, rafting and mountaineering in the Pir Panjal mountains, which you could perform together. It is a rustic enclave known for its cool climate and snow-capped mountains, offering respite to honeymooners escaping scorching heat of the plains.

Connectivity :

Manali has good connectivity

Climate :

Cold and pleasant climate

Best time to visit :

December end to January , especially for honeymooners to enjoy snowfall


  • Well connected with beautiful sceneries all around

  • Provides adventurous activities

  • Many attractions like Rohtang Pass, Solang Valley , Naggar Castle etc.

Cons :

  • Could be overcrowded

  • Weather may not be favorable

Jaisalmer :

#7 in Best Honeymoon Destinations

A former medieval trading center and a princely state in the western Indian state of Rajasthan, in the heart of the Thar Desert Jaisalmer is known as the "Golden City," and is distinguished by its yellow sandstone architecture. This place is a must to visit by the newly wed to have a royal and rich honeymoon. The majestic Jaisalmer fort that fences the city is a living urban center and is the main attraction of this place. It is the most romantic and adventure getaway with your significant other.

Connectivity :

Well connected with major cities of the country through Jodhpur railway station

Climate :

Hot in the day and cold in the night

Best time to visit :

October to December

Pros :

  • Worth visiting place with excellent connectivity

  • Luxurious forts and palaces available for accommodation

  • A bucket of many romantic destinations to visit with your partner

  • Safe place for the newly wed

Cons :

  • Weather conditions may not be favorable

  • Flight connectivity is not proper


#6 in Best Honeymoon Destinations

“ The Pink City” or Jaipur doesn’t need any sort of introduction. Its name is enough and we get a picture in our minds of desert, sand dunes, historic places to visit together. One of the largest cities in India, this city is also home to all the modern amenities with some of the most exotic hotels and resorts in the world. This city is no less than an architectural wonder. Jaipur has everything a couple would ask for; starting from the spectacular desert views, lavish hotels, and the ancient havelis and ending on unique Rajasthani cuisines.

Connectivity :

Very Well connected

Climate :

Monsoon-influenced hot semi-arid climate

Best time to visit :

November to March

Pros :

  • Forts and palaces provide you an luxurious stay during your honeymoon

  • Countless romantic places with well connected roads

  • Royal indulges and experiences to cherish


  • This destination may be too common to choose

  • To close to be exciting

  • Weather conditions may not be favorable


#5 in Best Honeymoon Destinations

Whenever we hear the word Kashmir we always resemble it with “the Heaven”. Truly to its scenic beauty, Kashmir is the place to have your honeymoon. Starting from its beauty and glamour that Kashmir holds for the honeymooners, cannot be compared to any other place on this planet. Simply saying it is a perfect place for every honeymoon couple to explore and admire nature's beauty, to walk hand in hand on the banks of the pristine lakes and indulge in different adventure activities.

Connectivity :

Not very well connected

Climate :

Kashmir is one of the coldest regions in India with an average daily high temperature of only 30 degrees centigrade

Best Time to visit :

March to August

Pros :

  • A beautiful place to visit with your partner

  • Monuments present here are the main attractions and are worth watching

  • Untamed and unspoiled valleys of Kashmir will embark your new journey

Cons :

  • Landslides prone area

  • Not very well connected via air

  • Mobile network should be postpaid only


#4 in Best Honeymoon Destinations

Udaipur is a nature blessed city which is studded with palaces, full of life, and is blooming with love which you can definitely feel in this city. With abundance of love in the air and the romantic charm of this city, it offers a special experience to the love birds on a Udaipur honeymoon. So if you’re planning for a romantic escape with your better half, then a honeymoon in Udaipur is exactly what you want. Udaipur offers a rich romantic and royal start to your forever journey. And if you want to make your Udaipur honeymoon trip even more special, you can check out our honeymoon section .

Connectivity :

Very well connected

Climate :

Usually hot

Best time to visit :

September to March

Pros :

  • A beautiful and romantic escape to get rid of your wedding fatigue

  • A city embedded with romantically beautiful resorts and palaces with safe environment for your partner

  • High connectivity, local culture is worth watching

Cons :

  • High temperature variation in day and night

  • Could be crowded in winter season


#3 in Best Honeymoon Destinations

God’s own country or Kerala is blessed by the nature by all means, it has wildlife sanctuaries, appealing backwaters, waterfalls, beaches, mountain ranges, ancient ports, lakes, and palaces which are its major attractions that offer a variety of honeymoon destinations for couples to pick from. This place is just beautiful and serene. House boats, Kerala spa and natural beauty and calm and serene greenery just is what one expect at place while deciding it as honeymoon destination to get rid of the wedding fatigue and make his spouse more comfortable.

Connectivity :

Very well connected

Climate :

Wet maritime climate , experiences heavy rains during the summer monsoon season

Best time to visit :

October to March

Pros :

  • Loaded with a bucket of romantic destinations such as Munnar, Alleppey etc

  • A peaceful and calm place to relax and rejuvenate yourself

  • The scenic beauty of this place will give you an positive energy to start your forever journey

Cons :

  • Flood prone area

  • Crowed as it is the most visited place


#2 in Best Honeymoon Destinations

Andamans are believed to be the hidden gem of India, its cozy beaches, romantic resorts and sceneries makes it one of the favorable place for the honeymooners. High connectivity adds some more spark to this place. It is an exotic island destination fully loaded with gorgeous landscapes and romantic experiences. You can indulge in activities like sightseeing, water sports, and beach excursion with your spouse to know each other more. Havelock island, central jail are some of the major attractions of this place. You can have your dinner at the beach , watch sunsets together , go for a romantic walk had in hand and much more.

Connectivity :

Very Well connected

Climate :

Tropical but is moderated by sea breezes.

Best time to visit :

October and May

Pros :

  • Number of beaches to explore

  • Budget friendly and well connected

  • Luxurious hotels and resorts available

Cons :

  • Overcrowded during the season

  • Can be expensive

Goa :

#1 in Best Honeymoon Destinations

Goa is one of the best honeymoon destination and always ranks the list in terms of its scenic beauty, lovely and safe atmosphere and luxurious resorts. With a mesmerizing blend of Sea, Sand and Sun, this destination indeed becomes the most romantic destination for honeymoon couples. Several couples from all over the world come to Goa to give their married life a wonderful romantic start. From romantic to adventurous, Goa offers every single thing which you want.

Connectivity :

Very well connected

Climate :

Tropical monsoon climate

Best time to visit :

Mid-November to Mid-February

Pros :

  • Beautiful resorts and hotels available

  • Scenic beauty to please your eyes

  • High quality spas and saloons to relax and rejuvenate yourself

  • Beautiful beach areas to visit

Cons :

No cons as this place is perfect of all, with marvellous hotels and resorts, high connectivity and pleasant weather .

Hope you have gone through all the destinations and chosen the one for you. If you desire to have a perfect honeymoon , go check out the honeymoon tab on our website. Link is given below.

Thank you for your peaceful reading.

Happy Honeymoon !!


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