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How Do I find The Right Wedding Planner?

Updated: Oct 8, 2021

A wedding is one of the most beautiful moments of anyone’s life. The memories you make in these few days last for a lifetime to look back and rejoice later. From the beautiful and unknown upcoming chapter of life, so varied from the present, to all those challenges that stand behind that door of marriage, everything is just so different and new.

Wedding is the door to enter this new stage of life, through the wedding rituals we plan and perform. And as easy and interesting it may sound, there is a lot of work and effort that is put in by many people behind the stage to make it worthy of your special moment. From small details to the big arrangements, all need your full attention to make the wedding day a perfect one, not only for the bride and groom but also for the family, friends, relatives, and guests.

The wedding planning list is a long one, each requiring your full attention. From decoration, catering, entertainment, selection of best bridal outfits, the guest list, wedding invitations, makeup artist, and whatnot. Each of these things requires a professional touch to stand out from the regular. And here, a professional wedding planner comes into play. A good wedding planner can lessen the hassles and bring joy back to your wedding event. But then, choosing one Right wedding planner from the long list of many wedding planners in Delhi is a job in itself. Do not fret. We are here to help you choose the best wedding planner to make your dream wedding come alive. Just sit back and read this blog to the end.

wedding planner in delhi

Before we begin our search to find the best wedding planner in Delhi, let us look at the important things in your wedding planning list.

1. The Wedding Date – The most important element to freeze before you move on to other arrangements. Before you lock the date keep in mind that it suits your guests and is not close to any other family event or festival. An ideal date should not be during the examination times to allow your guest to come with kids. Generally, a weekend date is suitable for all. Lock your dates well ahead to get the best venue at a good price.

2. Venue - The second most important which can affect attendance is the venue. If you choose to do a destination wedding, the many destination wedding planners in Delhi can help you find the right location and resort suitable to your budget. But! if you are planning a local wedding in your city, keep in mind that the location of your venue should be easily accessible for you and your guests. A venue with a character and good ambiance, even if a bit expensive, can save a lot of money spent on décor. A good hotel or resort brand can portray an upmarket image turning your wedding into a special one.

3. Guestlist – The easiest way to make a guest list is to put the names on an excel sheet with numbers and details to avoid missing out on someone special. You can then prioritize from least to most important before finalizing your list. A good insight into the number of people attending can help you monitor your budget and place arrangements accordingly. For example, if you opt for a destination wedding, your list can shorten to only close and important members.

4. Set a Budget - As a wedding is a big function and involves huge expenses, setting and monitoring a budget is most important. Planning without an eye on it can result in exceeding your budget without you even noticing until the bills arrive. Be realistic while setting a budget and keep some reserve to splurge to make things special.

5. Market research and References – Am sure you would have attended some wedding functions in your close circle. This is the time to reach out to them to ask for references for the best wedding vendors be it wedding planners, wedding entertainment, wedding catering, makeup artist, Bridal Mehndi, etc. The Internet can be your best friend to search for the options for anything you are looking for. Research well to find the best quality at a good price market research is a must. If you are short of time, hire a wedding planner and let them do the rest.

6. Responsibility – A good wedding requires a lot of time, effort, and manpower and is not a one-man's job. Divide the tasks and give responsibility to the vendors or friends who can be trusted with the job to make the process easier. Don’t keep too many things with yourself as it will drown all the fun out of your marriage. You would like to remember your marriage for the lovely moments and not the hassles of it.

best wedding planner in delhi

Choosing the Right Wedding planner

Now as we have listed the most important things to be kept in mind, let us further move on to the big one, choosing the right wedding planner. Let us assist you and find the best one for you.

1. In-Budget: The wedding planner surely costs money and you need to put a section of this in your budget. Don’t look for the cheapest wedding planner as it might compromise the quality of work they provide. It would be a good idea to meet them and see the vibes you get. Vague and pricy planners should be a big no-no. Scan through the services they provide and their past projects along with customer reviews. Ask for references and talk to them to get an overview of their service standards. It is always a good idea to pick up a wedding planner specializing in your scale and type of wedding.

2. A Good Understanding – While interacting with the planner, stick to your brief (the details of your wedding) and see if they understand your expectation well. Keep a check on each arrangement and ensure they are as per your expectations. If the sync between you and the planner doesn’t seem right, it may be a good idea to look for another one. The right wedding planner is very important as all communication and arrangements will be made through them.

3. Pick the Responsibilities - Remember that the wedding planner is there to assist you with the work and not to do everything on their own. Every task assigned to them must be finalized by you or any member of your family and communicated clearly before being put to work. A good initial meeting to finalize the scope of work and providing them with your choices can go a long way in making your event a success. If you have your hands full, delegate the communication to a family member or friend.

4. Services - Be clear with the list of services and budgets allocated to them. There are many cases when we just pay attention to choosing the wedding planner in Delhi and leave the choice of services to them. This can lead to overpriced and unwanted services being added to the package making your budget go haywire. A clear list of requirements can be a ready reckoner between you and your planner.

5. Catering and decoration – These are the two most important arrangements in your wedding planning and your wedding planner should be an expert in this niche. Judge their creative side from their past work and social handles. Check on their food knowledge and their ability to plan a good menu. Explore the venues with these two points in mind before you finalize one. A food tasting session is a must before you finalize any caterer or venue providing food. Be diligent while finalizing these as it could be difficult and expensive to rehire once you book them.

If you want professionals to work magic for you, be planned and realistic in your approach. Treating them as your event partner and not a vendor is the right way to work with wedding planners.


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